The Importance Of Alzheimer's Working Memory

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People’s working memory slowly declines over time and can greatly be seen when the memory involves speed processing, episodic, long-term memory. But by exercising out brains we can keep our memory, at least some parts from declining as rapidly or till later in life. Alzheimer’s Disease begins be looking like someone is just get old and are forgetting where things are. I personally sometime forget where I park my car on campus some days especially, if I don’t park in my usual spot it takes me a few second to have to think of where I parked that day. The people with Alzheimer’s starts forgetting words and remembering the new things, like names. One of my patients for some reason always though my name was Peach, I would correct him every day and I even wore a name tag, but he for some reason could never remember my name or it was Peach instead of Paige. This sometime happens with normal memory people can create those long term…show more content…
This continues on that when sun-downing happens people with Alzheimer’s don’t even know what year it is. I have had women crawling out of bed at about 10pm because they have to get home to their children and if you ask them their age they will tell you they are in their 20s most likely. I had a women everyday tell me her leg was broken, when she broke her leg back when she was in her 30s, not when I was caring for her in her 90s. The memory decline until people can no longer even speak to others or have any memories at all. This happens toward the end of life and it is the not eating that kills them because the Alzheimer’s had destroyed the brain to that point. The beginning of Alzheimer’s of forgetting where something is or the name of someone you just met, is also normal memory aging, but beyond that is memory problems that only happen because of another factor, most likely Alzheimer’s
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