The Importance Of Ambition In America's Idea Of Success

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Ambition is the desire to achieve a goal through determination and hard work. Undoubtedly, the secret of America’s idea of success corresponds with ambition and the lack thereof when measuring reward. Although every man may not have the same definition of success, throughout the continuing lifespan of America, success has revolved around accomplishing one 's goals. Historically, America has become one of the most successful nations in the world, and throughout history. While its ambitions prod it toward achievement, this also condemns it to failure. A miniscule statistic of Americans are born with the tools and advantages to provide an increased likelihood of success and achievement. However, the vast majority of successful people had to attain not only the ambition, but also the desire to manage a life full of success and prosperity. To an ordinary citizen, the fear that occurs with failure is petrifying. The intimidation of failure is what drives and influences one to strive toward a greater success. The importance of…show more content…
From a young age, students are taught that to succeed in life, money must be earned. This is why humans seek money over happiness. Wealth can buy any material item and for millennials, materialistic items bring happiness,which is ultimately the goal. Money is not attained easily and it is the ambitious who will dedicate their time and hard work for a prosperous future. Money can also successfully operate a country. For example, if a country has a great deal of money to spend, then it would be capable of investing a substantial amount of money into its armed forces resulting in a higher success rate when dealing with warfare and respect from other feuding nations. The respect granted from others alone stands as a reason to as why people and countries are ambitious. This is is a prime reason why Americans Ambitions prompt this country to
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