Ambition In The Killing Circle And Into Thin Air

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Ambition is when one individual has a desire to achieve something one has been thinking about. Many people in life dream of achieving a big or even a small goal that they want to accomplish in life. In The Killing Circle by Andrew Pyper and Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, both characters show that one can not only achieve a goal for themselves but also for others as well. No matter if it is just by helping them or by even doing a small favour. Both of these works demonstrate that no matter what the situation is, one should do what one’s heart desires and if at first one does not succeed, one should try again. Near the beginning of each book, Patrick and Jon are both eager to achieve something they both really want. In The Killing Circle by…show more content…
At the end of The Killing Circle Patrick does not end up finding his son which is unfortunate because at the beginning he is determined to track him down and get his son back. “Sam is gone. They’re not going to find him.” (Pyper 31) Patrick goes through a lot throughout the story, losing his wife and now his son and even some of his friends from The Kensington Circle. Eventually, something good happens to Patrick and he ends up writing a book which is what he wanted to do early on in his life but could not achieve it until now. Patrick is a very determined person and will do whatever it takes to try his best. Just like Patrick, Jon wants to help other climbers get down from the mountain safely once the storm starts to roll in. “It was obvious that it was now or never...I started walking, and dragged her feet for a step or two, then her grip loosened and she fell away. I had to keep going.” (Krakauer 258) Even though a lot of the climbers do not make it down, Jon tries his best along with Rob who is another member in the group and in the moment their goal is to get everyone who is left down safely so they would not die. In this speech above Jon is helping a woman who unfortunately does not make it down with the rest. Even though she dies Jon risks his life for not only himself but for her. Shown in the paragraph above, in the moment Jon’s goal is to help other people get down safely from the mountain. All together both Patrick and Jon show that they are determined and want to do good and help people around

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