The Importance Of Ambition In Macbeth

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Ambition is among the most creative and the strongest driven forces in the state of human psychology, and the reason how or why things get done. It is also one of the most dangerous drive -- the drive to get the last slice of pizza, or the entire box to yourself. If one has no pride, no ambition, no sense of self-importance, he/she is relatively immune to it. On the other hand, if a person has significant pride, a serious sense of self-importance, and is driving hard towards a set goal, he/she is then very vulnerable. Having too much pride can result failure in life, destroy egos because of overconfidence in what one thinks is right. If the desire is too strong for something that is out of reach, then giving up all will for one thing means defeat. The future may not be the one that people have all dreamed off, but they can achieve the goal that they desire by setting small, achievable checkpoints, therefore, feeling joyful and satisfied. If one is proud, he/she is upset at every slight. It is hard to realize that one’s idea might be dreadful. Letting pride spirals out of control makes someone an unstoppable person. For example, in the tragedy Macbeth, after hearing the witches’ prophecies, he was in great confusion. Lady Macbeth’s desire for Macbeth to be King of Scotland drives him to murder the current King in order to receive the throne unjustly. She did not realize that her idea was downright horrific, and that she had no idea how it would turn out for Macbeth’s future.

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