The African American Culture

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The world as a whole is an extremely diverse and often confusing place in terms of knowing what is accepted and what is not accepted when it comes to certain cultures. Often times different countries from around the world have different and often distinguishably unique cultures than others around them. That is why I believe America is such an interesting and amazing place to live no matter who you are or where you are from. It 's because of all of these different cultures coming together that I feel that America has its own distinct culture, but instead of the culture having its own representative body, I believe that the “American” culture is a combination of the many different cultures that are present in the country of the United States.…show more content…
A great example of this is brought up in an article titled Why I’m Black, Not African American by John H McWhorter. It’s in this article that we start to see the not so good side of American culture. In his article McWhorter tells why he prefers to use the term Black instead of the term African American. He says he prefers this term because in his mind, he feels that the terms African American, Negro, and Colored have had their time in the spotlight, but he would like to return to his roots and use the term Black instead. And I can see where he is coming from on his idea of racial terms, in the past, the United States has not had the best track record when it came to accepting other races, but in todays society I feel that we as a country are getting better at opening our eyes to those around us. After all because America is so ethnically diverse its easy to see how people have begun to get along better after so many years of…show more content…
In their article, Sheler and Betzold talk about they feel that the identity and the idea of the Muslim faith are often misunderstood and lumped together with more extremist beliefs. However the idea that many Americans have about the Muslim religion is often false. In fact “The religion of more than one fifth of the world’s population is viewed by many Americans as foreign, mysterious, even threatening to the nation’s “Judeo-Christian heritage”— certainly no less so since the events of September 11—despite the fact that it shares common roots with Christianity and Judaism and has been present in North America for Centuries”( Belzold and Sheler 276). It’s because of this quote that the idea of cultural similarities really comes into focus. This quote does such an amazing job of creating something every American citizen can relate to while also providing evidence and facts to show that many of the religions present in the United States aren’t all that different from each other when you look at the roots of each
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