The Importance Of America's Success At The Battle Of Saratoga

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Founding the country of the United States of America was no easy task. It took great fortitude and ambition from the pioneers. The qualities of the American settlers who were intrical to the development of the most powerful nation in the world include devotion, bravery, and perseverance as evident through the expansion Westward, the American Revolution, and the reunification as a nation after the Civil War. Americans proved their bravery as they risked their lives for the sake of Westward expansion. A successful nation is not only dependent on its people but its land. Recognizing this, Americans, having settled the eastern part of America, began the challenge of settling the west. A minimum of 20,000 people died on their journey to the West on the Oregon Trail (US Department of the Interior Bureau…show more content…
Amid one British attack, Americans defended Fort Montgomery and Fort Clinton courageously as they delayed the British from aiding General Charles Cornwallis in the Battle of Saratoga despite the British army outnumbering the American army three to one. Although they ultimately lost the forts, the Americans’ strong defense allowed them to prevail at the more important Battle of Saratoga (History). The Americans’ success at the Battle of Saratoga was a turning point in the Revolutionary War. It convinced France to join the colonists’ side, a key factor in the Americans winning the war overall (History 2). The colonists united to achieve a common goal: freedom. If the Americans had quickly surrendered instead of being brave and not giving up, the entire war could have had a different outcome. The United States may not have even become a nation, much less a powerful one, without the dedication and courage of its people. Although the American Revolution united Americans, another war less than one hundred years later would sunder the
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