The Importance Of Ancient Culture

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This year I’m taking ancient philosophy and introductions to the culture of South Asia. I have always been passionate about civilizations and how they come to be. I am experiencing both classes and how both cultures evolve and play an influential part in our society and more importantly in the Indian community. People don’t know or simply choose to ignore the facts that we are a combination of all ethnicities and evolution with it with them. Never in my pre university education have I come to grasp the importance of the Hindu culture. Education in modern schools and private don’t emphasize so much in history and its ancient paths, an aspect that should change in order to understand modern day life in the world. The Hindu culture being diversely rich gave the world the longest epic poem and one of the most influential books in universal literature, the Mahabharata.

This poem is one of the two Sanskrit epic poems of Ancient India and one of the great myths of humanity. The text means “Humanity’’ and tells us the history of the original man and India. The text exposes of mythological and didactic material arranged around a struggle between the two groups of cousins ( the Kaurava) and Pandavas for dynasty power and domination. The Kurukshetra War takes place and the Pandavas are victorious. They are said to be born to the gods and to be a representation of the five human senses, also it expresses the conduct of how a king, soldier, etc, should behave, is implied that there
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