Animal Cruelty

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In today’s society, animal cruelty is a nationwide problem that is rapidly increasing. Animals are being tortured, beaten, mistreated or forced to struggle for existence by heartless owners. Humans pose as a major threat to animals as they are often responsible for inflicting pain and causing suffering to these loyal and innocent creatures.
According to the annual report published by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (2014), 1750 animals were allegedly rescued due to animal abuse. Similarly, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore have noticed an increase in the number of animal welfare cases from 292 cases in 2007 to 443 cases in 2013 (, 2015). In order to combat the increasing occurrence
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The policy introduced, applies to any person who is found guilty of animal cruelty or is in animal-related businesses (, 2015). The objectives of the Animal Welfare policy is to guarantee that animals are being treated compassionately, to stop unkindness to animals, and to encourage public awareness about the welfare of animals and hopefully to achieve in mitigating the occurrence of animal abuse in Singapore.
As an animal lover and having owned pets, I am very passionate when it comes to the topic of animal welfare. I personally believe that the fate of animals depend strongly on humans as these creatures are not able to speak for themselves. Hence, it is extremely important for a policy to be made around this idea to raise awareness on the issue at hand and so that action can be
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As defined by Stone (1989), intentional causes are where an act was intentionally taken by human beings in order to bring about the consequences that essentially occurred. According to Arluke, Levin, Luke & Ascione (1999), people mutilate and inflict a great amount of violence and harm to animals as many animal abusers have antisocial behaviors which often lead to violence.
Thus, their careless actions have contributed to the increasing rate of animal cruelty around the nation. It seems that the more advanced the human kind gets, the more barbaric our manner become. As a result of the growing degree of such cases, a policy to mitigate these occurrences has been introduced.
Another intentional cause of cruelty towards animal would be fur trade. With fur gaining much attention through influential Hollywood personalities, the media have greatly affected the growing demand of fur in the fashion industry. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Singapore (2015) had mentioned that Asia’s fur trade has grown over the past few years. Fur is obtained through lethal injection, gassing and electrocution (PETA, 2015). Hence, the policy of Animal Welfare has introduced measures to animal-related businesses in the hopes of eliminating such cruelty towards animals.

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