The Importance Of Animal Control

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In lack of control people lose authority over animals and through courage they use weapons or different methods to try to control and can eventually kill the animals. This cause is the most common and often out different news every day about the lack of authority that people have about their pets or their neighbors pets. “Abbotsford Resident concerned after her cat also shot with a pellet gun” Judd writes, “A person in the neighborhood is shooting cats with a gun. Days later her cat was shoot, she said would the person actually do this to a pet do that to a person”. The author’s point is no one can shot animals for scare them. As a result people do not like animals of other people come to their homes often they cause damage to property and incur these violent acts. Sometimes they do to scare them but are seriously injured and nobody has taken the initiative to report them to the authorities. Also many people punished in a manner the animals and they do not know are that they can be observed and even recorded committing these acts. One idea from the article that I’d like to discuss is Talzaman’s statement in “Former Center plate CEO pleads guilty to animal cruelty charge” about the surveillance camera video show a man kicking a Doberman puppy using a leash to suspend the dog in the air. Talzaman’s writes, “In fact, some people do these things unconscious mind they try to control the animals. A neighbor in recent days receives a call that his pit bull puppies escape from
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