The Importance Of Animal Cruelty By Sarah Heaney

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Many animals suffer and go through pain, but most people do not know the cause of it. Animal cruelty is a serious problem that is not widely known about. In many ways, there is a lack of awareness about animal cruelty, which means that education is the key to preventing more cases. There is a lack of education about caring for domestic animals that foster passive animal cruelty and makes animal cruelty an under reported crime. Finally, the lack of awareness means that some countries do not have the proper legislation to deal with animal cruelty as a crime. Mental illness might manifest with animal cruelty, but it is not widely known because of the lack of awareness. The lack of knowledge about animal cruelty not only affects the animal’s life but it also affects the owners. When getting a pet, it is important to know about the animal’s necessities before making the big decision. This is what people do not usually do, and end up uneducated on the subject. Some shelters, pet stores, or breeders do not give any information as to what new owners should do for their pet’s well being. Sarah Heaney, “Know all the Facts when Getting a Pet,” says, “I have seen what happens when people get a pet they don’t have the knowledge, money or time to care for. I have held adorable puppies and kittens while they were being euthanized.” Not being aware and prepared before getting a pet could result in a bad situation that could have been avoided. In other situations, pet owners sometimes do

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