Cruelty To Animals In Denmark

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The coastline was dyed to blood red. The beach was tiled by tens of thousands of dead whales. This horrendous scene is not only shown in the movie but also in Faroe Islands in Denmark. This was caused by the Danish traditional whaling activity. About 250 whales were died under the extremely cruel hunting method. This activity has aroused a lot of controversy towards the issue of animal welfare. In 1978, the “Universal Declaration of Animal Rights” proposed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) affirmed the right of live to animal. However, decades pasted, this kind of cruelty actions are still happening in the liberty world. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) defined animal…show more content…
The whale hunting in Denmark did shock the world. It is a traditional festival of Denmark to memorialize the old days of hunger. However, what caught the public attention is the inherently cruel hunting method the fishermen used. Powerboats are used to chase the whales. Knives and hooks are also involved. The method used to kill the animal with the ability to communicate with each other, which is considered as the life gaining the same level of respect with human, is inhumane. Nevertheless, this tragedy is not only happening in Denmark. China is another country that likes to consume shark fins which are using a cruel hunting method due to the traditional thinking. “Shark fins have always been regarded as a precious food ingredient by the Chinese and eating shark fins is also a symbol of identity and social status” (Yeung 81). Chinese normally suppose that a ceremony without shark fins will affect their reputation. It is just fulfilling their vanity. Due to this traditional belief, there are about 70 millions of sharks are died under the cruel practice. It is noticed that the fins are the most valuable parts of a shark and the flesh is relatively worthless. The fishermen’s usual practice is to cut off all the fins from a living shark they have caught and release the shark, which is severely wounded but still alive, back to the sea. Since these sharks cannot swim anymore without fins, they will ultimately end up with death from bleeding or of hunger. There are many non-government organizations concern this problem and spread the message through different kinds of media. Education is also carried out by the government to educate the harm of cruelty hunting problem. However, no matter what non-government organizations and government do, the traditional idea still takes strong root. Therefore, animal welfare is an urgent issue that Foothill College

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