Animal Testing Vs Animal Rights Essay

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For example the Humane Slaughter Act applies only to slaughterhouses that sell meat to the federal government or the federal government agencies. Another example would include the Twenty Eight-Hour Act. With the Twenty Eight-Hour act animals transported by train were protected while those who were transported by trucks were not. Although there are laws evolving in the protection of animals they have their limits. With laws having their limits the laws may not protect animals under all circumstances. As a society there should be a continuation of proceeding to develop new laws. Animals have rights that are not being protected or considered when they are not given the chance to live without suffering or harm.
Additionally animal rights are violated when they are used as products for experimentation. Animal experimentations
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This methods enables human volunteers to participate in research. It can provide information on the safety of a drug. Volunteers are given a small one-time dose of a drug that 's high enough to cause a cellular effect but low enough to affect the body. They use sophisticated imaging to monitor how the drug behaves in the body. With microdosing benefits include being able to safety test on humans and get more accurate results. It would help out rule compounds that won’t work in humans from animal tests. According to PETA with this technique it ‘allows the human brain to be safely studied down to the level of a single neuron, and researchers can even temporarily and reversibly induce brain disorders.’ Human volunteers can help replace the animals used for animal testing in which they have their brains damaged. Therefore, the alternatives will potentially start us in reaching the goal of reducing and possibly eliminating the need for any type of research on animals without compromising our ability to work toward discoveries that may ease suffering in humans as well as
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