The Importance Of Animal Science

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Animal science deals with the biology of animals under human control. The domestication of animals is important to the growth and wellbeing of more than one industry; such as poultry, dairy and the meat industry. Domestication allowed humans to contain animals with the right temperament, have a steady food supply, and used animals for companionship, religious purposes and more. Many years ago, the degree of animal science was once called animal husbandry which is another word for the care and breeding of domesticated animals. (Mark, 2010) There are seven disciplines of animal science; animal nutrition, genetics and breeding, animal physiology, animal health, ethology, meat science, and biotechnology. Every discipline comes together to describe the importance of animal science. Animal husbandry began in the New Stone Revolution around 10,000 years ago or maybe even earlier. It has been hypothesized that people used fire to cook food 1.5 million years ago but, the only prehistory evidence that was provided sets the date of the use of fire for cooking at 12,500 years ago by discovering clay cooking pots in East Asia and Mesopotamia. Soon after this date, bones of domesticated animals appeared at gatherings such as dinners emerges; said bones having been discovered in excavations of fire pits in ancient kitchens. Even though domestication of animals was probably common earlier, it is unquestionable that sheep and goats were domesticated throughout Asia by 8000 BCE.
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