The Importance Of Animal Studies

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`GENERAL INTRODUCTION Animal studies is not just about studying animals behavioural characteristics but also the interactions and interrelationships that occur between different species and different individuals within the same species. Their social dynamics is of great importance as this is one of the most important factors influencing their stocking density. With this information aspects such as their population control or growth can be manipulated. Depending on the business of the game farm or game reserve the stocking rates are manipulated to try produce the greatest financial yields possible but without being detrimental to the veld. Factors such as animal population dynamics, social structures, breeding percentage, dietary and habitat requirements, habitat minimum space requirements, species stocking densities and social population sizes are key factors involved in Animal studies. An example for hunting farms it is important to maintain a stocking density that promotes and allows for maximum growth and weight for the individual animals in order to be in the best possible condition. For eco tourism businesses, farms need to stock key species or flagship animals in order to attract tourists. Zoonotic diseases both natural or man-made need to be understood and controlled, mostly this is required by law. Although a veterinarian would be required for the medical welfare and treatment of animals, game farm owners and managers alike need a basic understanding of wildlife

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