Should Animal Testing Continue

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Of the 108 Nobel Prize recipients in the Physiology or Medicine categories, 96 have used animal models in their research. These recipients were able to display these models because of their testing on the certain animals. Many of these prize winners have inspired others to test animals to make medical advancements. Animals should be continued to be used in research testing because it leads to more vaccinations, it leads to a better economy, and has led to many awards an advancements. As stated above, animals should be continued to be used in research testing because it leads to more vaccinations for humans and animals. In “Use of Animals in Biomedical Research”, the American Medical Association states “A longer lifespan has been achieved, decreased infant mortality has occurred, effective treatments have been developed for many…show more content…
In the United States alone, there are over 1 million doctors of medicine. All of these doctors may not have jobs if it were not for developing medicines through animal testing. Animal testing also provides scientists with mor jobs. If there are more animals being researched, there will be more researchers and scientists needed. With these job opportunities, it brings more and more pay to more people. If people are getting paid more, they will be spending more. If people are spending more money, that helps the economy grow. This better economy could help to provide better health services like Medicare and the Veteran Health Administration (VHA). People will live longer with more healthy lives with better healthcare programs. In Jane Goodall’s “I Acknowledge Mine”, she visits three different animal laboratories. All three of these laboratories have scientist and employees that would not have a job if there were not animals being used in research
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