Role Of Animals In Human Life

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Humans have separated themselves from animals and the wildlife, and as humans, we ignore the fact that animals are amazing and they can teach humans a lot of things that can help us live and improve ourselves and the world. We can also relate to them in many aspects in life. Only by witnessing their actions, we can become better humans.

1. Balance

Animals live in an environment where everything is connected and depending on the other. For example, the population of a prey depends on their predator. If the predator 's population increases, it disturbs the food chain, thus disturbing the whole ecosystem. Humans have disturbed many of those environments by introducing new wildlife, and with global warming and cutting down trees, we have changed the conditions of our ecosystem. With that, we affected the animals
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Equality and Judgement

Animals never judge each other. Whether they are playing with a string or a ball, they simply have fun in what they do regardless of the passerby or the surrounding animals. This teaches humans to not judge and mainly not to care about what others think. There is no difference between a black Labrador retriever dog and white one. There is no discrimination in the natural world.

6. Living The Moment

Animals live the moment and are optimistic about the future. They focus on what is and they don 't worry about the past or the future. They cherish the moment and live life without pressuring themselves. Humans should live the life happening now. This doesn 't mean that we do not care about our future, it means to fully appreciate what is happening now in our lives.

7. Sonar

The natural sonar ability of a dolphin has inspired the humans to develop the twin inverted pulse sonar and similar technological advances. We can just take a second to appreciate how the echolocation of the dolphins, whales and bats have enabled humans to develop technology that would allow people to access the unreachable and unseeable with a couple of

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