The Importance Of Animals In Captivity In Seaworld

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Did you know that Seaworld’s parking lots are bigger than the areas where they keep their whales? This and other examples are why animals should not be held in captivity. Animals should not be held in captivity because of the inhumane treatment, lack of education for kids, and loss of freedom. The first reason why animals should not be held in captivity is because of the inhumane treatment. In many zoos, animals are forced to live in prison-like cages for a large portion of their lives and are deprived of food. Harsh treatment like this can lead to aggressiveness and psychotic behavior. In the documentary “Blackfish”, which is a film that informs us about what really goes on behind the scenes of Seaworld, a killer whale named Tilikum had been deprived of food along with another whale. Tilikum was a new whale at the park and was training with an experienced whale, and when he would not perform the trick correctly the workers wouldn’t allow them to eat. This caused the other experienced whale to become frustrated with Tilikum and she would rake her teeth across his body, forming many scars. Another issue mentioned in the documentary was where the whales were kept. They kept the whales in a dark, metal, twenty by thirty foot pools for the majority of their lives. A former Seaworld trainer described the modules as “floating steel boxes.” According to Ken Balcomb, director of the Centre for Whale Research,“If that is true, it’s not only inhumane and I’ll tell them so, but it

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