Zoos Argumentative Essay

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Many people have memories of visiting The Zoo as a child. Watching the gorillas, tigers and many other animals was a long awaited thrill. Feeding the giraffes caused one to jump up and down with excitement; now, picture all this suddenly disappearing. What if all this thrill and excitement were to be confined to just an image searched on the Internet, just because such animals became extinct? Unfortunately, this picture might not be far from becoming our reality. Animals all around the world are becoming endangered every day. This is why Zoos are a vital resource for the education, appreciation, and conservation of animals.
When it comes to education, Zoos have come a long way since the late 1800s, when they were solely considered to be menageries and amusement parks (Russo). Today, Zoos provide continuous education by providing a wealth of knowledge to their visitors – young and old. Consequently, people all around the world are starting to understand animals in a different matter. Zoos now offer many exhibits in which humans can learn about the habitat, diet, and overall behavior of the different species. Many people believe
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Zoos may not be the perfect solution, but watching animals disappear is not the right answer either. Future generations, perhaps, will be more resourceful than us, and find better solutions. With hope, they will foster global collaboration and species management plans, hence reducing the demand for endangered animals and their products. Furthermore, connecting with nature so that it becomes a valuable part of our lives. You may ask yourself: why not let them go extinct? I am certain that breeding wild animals in captivity is controversial. Beyond this fact, it is also time consuming and costly, but one cannot just give up. If you were on a ship in the middle of the ocean heading towards the shore, and you found holes in the ship, will you let them flood and sink the ship? Of course
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