The Importance Of Animals In Our Life

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10 March 2016 What is the importance of animals in our lives? Why do animals need care? What are animal rights? What are the ways in which animals are abused? Animals are the most neglected organisms on earth and thousands forget the benefit of animals in the human nature and society -such as fur, meat, milk, transport and moreover- Animals have been used in transport ages before the cars were developed, in getting food supply and in getting us safe products. Indeed, there are many countries that consider animal care and health important, but they are in very low percentages. Many famous brands -such as Prada, The Body Shop, Milani, Too Faced, Wet n’ Wild and Urban Decay- don’t test on animals because they actually care about animals while they pay a lot of money for the other tests. On the other hand, many other brands test on animals like; Michael Kors, Revlon, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Max Factor and many hundreds of brands. Did you ever think about how are animals treated? Are they owned by anyone when tested? What animals are tested? Animals experimentation is a process in which animals including rats, mice, cats and dogs are tested by physicians, lab workers, researchers, chemists and experts for certain needs. The main developers of the process are Aristotle, Erasistratus (considered among the two first researchers or performers for this testing that occurred in the second century), Galon (a Roman physician in the second century also), Ibn Zuhr (An Arabic physician in the

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