Advantages And Disadvantages Of Animals In Captivity

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Animals are not meant to be in zoos, animals are just like humans. They feel emotions and as they have natural instincts to live in the wild. My stance on this topic is that capturing animals in zoo is cruel, they supposed to live their own life in their natural habitat. Zoo is like a prison to the animals, animals are not ours to use for entertaining or gaining profit.
Many people state that zoos have a positive effects on younger generations, such as educating and entertaining them. Although, people are entertained and get educative information while going to zoos, there are other options available to them in order to get the same effects. In a study published by
Conservation Biology, it shows that out of 2,800 children that visited the London zoo 62% of them
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Every year, many animals died in zoos because they are not being treated properly, due to the lack of care from zoos staff. Zoochosis is the term which described the stereotypical behavior of animals in captivity. In a 2001 study of 257 captive Giraffe in 49 US institutions, it was found that 80% exhibited some form of stereotypic behavior
(Wildlife New Zealand, 2007). The main causes which lead to this disease are when animals get separate from their natural habitat, directly control by humans and also by being kept in a cage.
Zoo has a serious impact on their health. According to a study, being in captivity will affect the physical development of animals. Because for example, elephants in captivity are growing shorter than their usual size. The scientist have proven that animals kept in zoos have shorter life even though they are well taken care of. Zoos pose several risks that particularly affect animals. The confined spaces where the animals are forced to live in is the main problem which effects animal’s health. It supports the topic sentence because captured animals that are brought to the zoos tend to develop

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