The Importance Of Animals To Save Animals

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The extinction of a single species like the grasshopper can have a rippling effect through the natural environment (Nardo Cloning:Great 61). If any animal dies in any environment it could destroy the natural habitat. This is where cloning comes in to save the animal and natural environment. The endangered giant panda is a prime candidate for cloning (Nardo 29). Animals close to extinction or extinct can be saved with the use of cloning, not just saving the animals but the environment and people. Cloning can help create large quantities of drugs used to fight disease, it could speed up the response time for getting medicine out to people and it would let medicine be available on a larger scale. (Nardo Cloning:Great 49). It has also become a large scale business in the united states and other developed countries (Nardo). Cloning can impact animals, handicapped people and environment.
Cloning can be used to save animals on the edge of extinction and bring extinct animals back. Animals like the Woolly Mammoth and the Tyrannosaurus may someday walk in the same world we live in today provided enough viable tissue could be found (Nardo 71). Having them alive would let the world finally see how prehistoric animals looked and acted. Although some dna has been found, there has not been enough to create a clone but researchers have not stopped looking for DNA ,it is not easy searching for it since most of it is around 65 million years old. The endangered Giant Panda is a prime
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