The Importance Of Animated Cartoons

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3.3 Animated cartoons Animated cartoons are films which are made using sequential drawings as opposed to animations in general, which include films made using puppets and other means. Animated cartoons are still created for educational, commercial and personal purposes. Animated cartoons has a unique appeal to kids, and if we dare to admit it, also to us adults. Everything looks neater when it is animated - the food looks better, the houses seem cozier and the people appear more attractive. Everything is exaggerated, and that goes for the voices, too. The actor giving an animated character a voice cannot rely on body language and gestures, and therefore the voice must be sufficient on its own. This is very useful when teaching English as a foreign language. We get authentic material that doesn 't have the constructed feel of most texts designed for teaching, while it is distinct and understandable. The voice will express many valuable entities: it conveys the inflection of the language, specifically when it comes to different emotions. In order to make the characters stand out there is also a wide variety of ages, social structures and accents in cartoons. Not only are there national and regional differences, but class structures are voiced through the use of accents. This gives the listener a broad perspective on the language and an understanding of how varied the language is. If we can 't take the class around the world, we must bring the world to the class. One way of
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