The Importance Of Animation In Animation

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Nia Alavezos (2014) listed reasons why animation is an important achievement in storytelling. The following is shown below:
 It unites all of the suitable parts of movie making.
 Animation is an instrument different from others. It combines all the outstanding parts of film making.
 It gives us an opportunity to remember our childhood lives.
 It is a cooperative tool and it is time consuming.
 The artistic procedure continuously pushes the boundaries of film making. The use of the technology and storytelling requires the application of sound, designs and visuals.
 There are diverse types of techniques like hand drawn, stop motion, 3d etc.
 There is many tactics to tell a story. Some animated films are creatively signified lacking the usage of dialogue or conversation.
There are so much more reasons why animation is important in the improvement of education, publicizing and cultural preservation.

vi. Scope of the study (African folklore in relation to animation and child education).
The idea introduced in this study is intended for use of animation for educational purpose. Particularly, the use of short animated films for educational, preservation and promotion of culture. Africa is a continent with a rich cultural heritage that can be transferred from one generation to the next one through verbal communication.
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