Essay On Influence Of Internet

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Technology has always been a driving influence in the spread of ideas and culture. The printing press, radio, television, and finally Internet have each dwarfed their predecessors in significance. In countless ways the Internet has improved people’s access to information and the free spread of ideas. The lack of limitation inherent in most other forms of media has empowered users in unprecedented ways and given voices originally lost on closed ears a new global audience. Preserving this open architecture is critical to ensuring that growth continues and that the spread of ideas isn’t stifled by those who fear a truly open dialogue. However, this growth and openness has brought with it a new world of speech which neither our social nor legal systems are entirely prepared to…show more content…
However, there is an unfortunate pattern that technology designed to restrict freedom is usually quick to follow technology to expand it. In no occurrence is that more evident than the Internet. Despite the First Amendment specifically providing for the right to peacefully assemble and petition the government, the right to assemble on the Internet has not yet been fully secured. The Internet’s potential as a platform of global connection is only just becoming recognized as the growth of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter has demonstrated how rapid communication can facilitate the growth of groups and the push for social change (Surman, Reilly 11). As distant as it may seem, the attempts of foreign regimes to limit the influence of the Internet on their populace may be an unfortunate foreshadowing of things to come for the United States. The governments of China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and many more have implemented tactics ranging from firewalls and filtering to a complete shutting down of the Internet to stop the dissemination of information deemed “dangerous”. Unfortunately while our politicians publicly
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