The Importance Of Anthropology

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Anthropology is the holistic scientific study of human kind (Park. 2014 p.12). There are countless ways in which we can learn about humankind as a whole but in order to do so we first must recognize how anthropology and its four-subfields help us study species with a holistic approach. It would be difficult to fully comprehend our species and all it entails with a simple one subfield approach. Park (2014) said it himself, “Thus, affiliation with one of the traditional subfields of anthropology should be no more than a starting point to the scholarly investigation of the nature of our species."(p.2) In order to entirely fathom the nature of our species, we need to uncover how and why each subfield aids us in the understanding of humanity to the highest volume.
According to Park (2014) evolution is defined in biology as the idea that species change over time and have a common ancestor (p.33). Evolution, to some isn’t a formidable way to prove to humans were they originated from. With years of research and scientific proof, evolution has become a more acknowledged theory throughout the scientific world. Anthropology has undoubtingly assisted in the wide growing acceptance of evolution over the years. To many anthropologists, physical anthropology is just an old-fashioned term for biological anthropology. Park (2014) defines biological (physical) anthropology as the subfield of anthropology that studies humans as a biological species (p.26). Anthropologists who study within
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