Stewardship In Antibiotics

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Antibiotic medications have saved many people’s lives. Unfortunately antibiotics are no longer as effective in stopping pathogenic bacteria infection. Currently there is an antibiotic resistance crisis since may bacteria have become or are becoming resistant to all of the antibiotics developed. Instead of researching new antibiotics, which will continue to promote antibiotic resistance, antibiotic stewardship should be promoted specifically dealing with preventing infections, monitoring antibiotic prescription, and developing laboratory tests that provide accurate results faster. Hospitals need to reduce the infections contracted during patients stays in their facilities. Stewardship programs can monitor the prescription of antibiotic to prevent the unnecessary use which will lead to resistance. The laboratory processing and providing test results must provide accurate results quickly. Research towards better the following areas will slow the increase of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
twenty-three thousand people die
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coli. (2014) Higher selection strength occurs when a physician prescribes a patient with a high dose of antibiotics. The dose is either determined to be high or low depend on the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), which is the amount of the drug required to inhibit the visible growth of the bacteria causing the infection. When a health care provider treats a bacteria infection with a dose that will provide a high selection environment the rate of mutations will increase. These mutations will lead to resistance, cross-resistance, and susceptibility to antibiotic, however the antibiotic will kill any bacteria with mutation making them susceptible, but the bacteria with resistant and cross-resistant mutations will survive the antibiotic doses and grow to repopulation the
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