Causes Of Appeasement

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Appeasement was a policy adopted by Britain during the 1930s. This policy developed from the growing belief that some countries, especially Germany, had been unfairly treated in the peace settlement of 1918-1919.It is the name given to the French and British policies during the 1930s intended to end war by giving in to Germany, Japan, and Italy’s demands; on matters generally to be of substantial, if not vital, interest to the powers making the demands between 1935 and 1939. When Germany began to demand aggressively that some terms in the Versailles treaty should be taken out, some people argued that this was only right. If their unfair act could be settled by negotiation, it would avoid the need for the aggression. Once Germany was "appeased"…show more content…
I think this because appeasement declined the war for a period of time. It delayed any future wars and it also provided Britain with recovery time. Britain’s small army was too weak to go to war in 1938; Britain needed time to re-arm. By the time the Great War ended Britain’s army was weak, they lost all their money and they lost a large proportion of their soldiers resulting in Britain being very vulnerable since they couldn’t afford to pay the repairs and get enough soldiers for another war. Britain could not defend her empire AND fight a war in Europe. A secondary source stated by Lord Halifax “The British forces, one is told, were shockingly unprepared for war, and were able to make good some of their defects (become better…show more content…
I think appeasement was the wrong policy because: Hitler was taking over the other colonies and kept demanding for things. It was like he was ruling them and they were forced to give in to his demands because they were afraid he would attack them. In the source, the man in the middle is the allies and the reason behind their smile is: they keep giving in to your demands, they are getting what they want without knowing the outcome and the true reason behind Hitler’s plan. His demands only got more and more. The Dr. Seuss image, which is a cartoon about appeasement, published on the 13th of August 1941 shows dragons with the Nazi symbol (Germany) towering over a boy (the allies). The numerous dragons basically represent Germanys demands increasing and becoming more and more. The allies are smiling in the photo because by giving into Germanys demands, they do not realize or know that Germany is going to eventually turn on them. They think my giving into the demands, they are the ones getting benefited and they give in

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