The Importance Of Appeasement

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Appeasement was a policy adopted by Britain during the 1930s. This policy developed from the growing belief that some countries, especially Germany, had been unfairly treated in the peace settlement of 1918-1919.It is the name given to the French and British policies during the 1930s intended to end war by giving in to Germany, Japan, and Italy’s demands; on matters generally to be of substantial, if not vital, interest to the powers making the demands between 1935 and 1939. When Germany began to demand aggressively that some terms in the Versailles treaty should be taken out, some people argued that this was only right. If their unfair act could be settled by negotiation, it would avoid the need for the aggression. Once Germany was "appeased" in this way, they would act in the same way as others in foreign affairs.

Appeasement was the right policy.
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Appeasement was doing fine until Hitler took consolation for weakness and figured his own way of performing things. Hitler could have been stopped but only at the risk of war! Another secondary source from W. Robson claimed that: “Their failure was due to the fact that Hitler took consolation for weakness an found that he could get his own way. He could have been stopped earlier but only at the risk of war. Discussion was the method of gentleman, which explained why Chamberlain and the Western leaders favoured it and Hitler did not.” Appeasement was a very clever statistic of getting what you want and feel is beneficial to you and your country. A primary source declared: “A clever plan of selling off your friends in order to buy off your enemies.” A comment in the British newspaper, The Manchester Guardian, February 1939. Appeasement allowed Hitler to seize control of many, many colonies. One technique was able to help occupy land, and seize control over
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