The Importance Of Applied Psychology

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917 which appeared with the journal of applied psychology, coauthored by Harry L. Hollingworth and Albert T. Poffenberger.
Early emphasis in applied psychology included vocational testing, teaching methods, evaluation of attitudes and morale, performance under stress, propaganda and psychological warfare, rehabilitation and counseling.
Regardless of the main focus of applied psychology, the job description is likely to overlap with the other areas of psychology. The applied psychology may or may not teach or engage in original research. In addition to drawing on experimental findings from the psychological research, the applied psychology uses information for other disciplines. The scope of the field is continually broadening as a new type
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Qualitative work is becoming increasingly popular as a methodological work in applied psychology. It refers to the gathering of data which are not numerical measures, but which consist of verbal data from interview, discussions or observations, and sometimes pictorial data such as drawings, graffiti, murals.
Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology
Bachelor 's degree programs in applied psychology give students a foundational knowledge of psychology theory and research methods and how they are utilized in real world situations. Some programs focus on social or organizational psychology, while others look at health psychology.
Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology
A master 's degree program in applied psychology covers a broad range of studies that teach students to use the principles of psychology to solve practical problems in business, healthcare or other settings. Focus areas can include community, industrial, or health
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In fact it is a developing behavioral science that is trying hard to become as much objective, exact and accurate as possible to be on a par with the developed sciences. Therefore, it is termed as a developing positive science (not as a science) or behavior.
Psychology as a subject of studying, explaining and understanding of behavior has proved quite useful in many walks of life. Its main contributions may be summarized as below:
a) It has contributed much to the improvement of the processes and products of educations.
b) It has highlighted the importance of good behavior to the patients, removed a lot of superstitions and provided valuable therapies in the field of medicines.
c) It has helped in detection of crimes and in dealing with criminals.
d) It has highlighted the importance of knowledge of consumer’s psychology and harmonious interpersonal relationship in the field of commerce and

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