The Importance Of Arabic Language

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The main reason why Zayed university should use Arabic as the language of instruction is that Arabic language is rich and complex. “As in other Semitic languages, Arabic has a complex and unusual method of constructing words from a basic root (Sayed.F,2015)” Firstly, Arabs call Arabic language al daad (Ḍād-الضاد) because it is only language in the world that contains the daad letter. Arab is the only people capable easily in pronunciation of Daad letter which distinguish Arabs from the rest of the other peoples. However, in the same situation can easily be observed. Significant non-Arab try to say Daad but it very difficult to pronounce. In addition, Arabs considerably projecting light to Daad letter and they wrote different poetry and poems.
Secondly, Arabic language is a special language. Even if there’s many languages are special, but often we don’t see language that written from right to left. Which shows that Arabic language is visually interesting. The phonetic distinction for Arabic letters so while Arab people are speaking the sounds are balanced and special from each other, its has own singularity which create congruence. In addition, Arabic calligraphy is an art itself “Arabic calligraphy is a fascinating art form giving rise to expressions that combine spiritual meaning with aesthetic beauty. Calligraphic expression is a fundamental decorative element of all forms of Islamic art, ranging from Architecture to ornamental design, and has been widely used

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