The Importance Of Architecture In Society

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Architecture has a different kind of characteristics in the society. It includes locality, activity, and community. Moreover, it has different meanings of the society. Especially, it could be able to become a collection of themed spaces, as an event generator and social magnet, and it also as social engagement or community builder. To be honest, the meaning of architecture was re-defined by these few points. It is not just an architecture in the society, which is for the whole world. In fact, architecture should be a place maker, which made a place for all of us. It provides a space for public and gathering for the community. The most important thing is that it should be able to enhance the locality of the place. Therefore, MVRDV Dutch pavilion is a great example. It showing that how the architecture as a themed space was affecting our ideas of this issue. In that architecture, they tried to project different images of the tree, which is projected to the wall by X-ray. Thus, the images of the tree were themed to the architecture. For the exterior, it…show more content…
We could be bathing in the outdoor area. For instance, having a bath in BAD, which is an installation in the Germany by SMAQ, it is my one of the favorite architecture in the world. It gets an extreme challenge to having a bath in the countryside. It used a lot of Water hoses to constructed a structure. Arranged in countless loops, when the elastic river forms the surface of a screen that catches the sun, it could be heating the water in the hose that will fill the bath. Then, the user could have hot water to bathing. For my point of view, it is an earth- friendly idea, which tried to re-defined the human behavior. Someone may think that when need to bath in the interior space. However, it got a big different for this behavior. It extremely innovative that we could reduce the use of the electric, it is the way to protect the

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