The Importance Of Arming Teachers And School Shootings

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Over the past few weeks, arming teachers has been a controversial topic throughout the country. School shootings have taken the lives of many over the past few years, yet they are becoming more and more frequent. In today’s society children shouldn’t have to go to school worried if they are going to be safe that day. If teachers are armed it will add that extra bit of protection to the children. A big question is if arming teachers is even going to matter if an active shooter happens to be in that school. What a lot of people do not take into consideration is that the teachers must go through training and have to be liable to the responsibilities they are taking once they have a concealed carry weapon. Arming teachers could help lower the number of school shootings because the reaction times will be much faster, and it will add a bit of security to the children. Arming teachers will help lower the number of school shootings. If teachers are liable and are fine with carrying concealed weapons in schools, they would be able to respond to the site of the shooting much faster than it would be waiting for the police to arrive. Apart from having faster reaction times to the shooting, arming teachers will also add extra security to many students. Children will feel much safer in school if their teachers are armed. Concealed carry adds a bit of safety to everyone’s children and no one wants to lose their children at a place that is supposed to be safe (Corsi A.5). With the children
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