The Importance Of Arms Trafficking

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The illegal trafficking of arms is a global phenomenon. This type of trade not only arms arsenals of the world’s worst terrorists but also fuels civil wars and adds to the high crime rates. There is a thin line between illegal and legal trade in arms mostly due to the lack of strict controls internationally. Illegal income that is generated by exploitation of resources like timber, diamonds and drugs prolongs conflicts and corruption.

Arms trafficking or gunrunning is the illegalized act of supplying a party with weapons or ammunitions. Either through smuggling or direct purchases, arms trafficking is a covert act that can distort a state’s peaceful state. There are three ways in which trafficking takes place. First, is conducted by small firms or individuals who illegitimately trade small weapons. Second, is through the shipment of the arms under the supervision of brokers, corrupt officials or others seeking profits. Third, is when the state itself or a major party, disregards the international law and organises amrs trafficking for the state or the good of the administration. Arms trafficking majorly take place in South Asia, Mexico, several regions of Africa and Middle East. Therefore, terrorists have wide range and large amount of weapons. Thus, there stands reason to increase precaution and inspection.

Governments all over the world still remain oblivious to the fact that the existence of arms trafficking is increasing all over the world. For the security
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