Nature Of Marriage

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Several people favor arranged relational unity, an existing element that still goes on in our lives till today since they consider such ideology as a “cultural tradition” or for any other reasons likewise. Yet, other people find them selves more approved to love marriages due to the freedom of choice for his or her significant other and ease of adjusting the lifestyle of both sides. “Many people found themselves stuck in marriages with persons decidedly not of their own choosing “ (Xiaohe & Whyte, 1990, p.709). Strictly speaking, parents are the ones who chose on the premise of family status, riches, or other criteria for them in which they may discover an awful actuality. Therefore, shifting away from this nature of marriage will likely lessen…show more content…
As Nanda (2015) strictly speaks over the troubles that couples will encounter in their marriage, there is incongruity and the sense of unsuitableness, as the newlywed anticipates parting the awareness of her personal household onto living among “strangers”. Along the same idea, having to figure out on how to interrelate with the spouse’s way of living, for the both sides, is surely the trickiest part in this kind of marriage. Several factors must be considered when attempting such practice. The family status surely differs from one to another. This means one side can have opportunities and abilities along with their family status more than the other. The backgrounds of this unity differ as well. Also, the mindsets and adaptation is fluctuated from one side to another. So having to pin point each of these listed factor can be hardly dealt with since this marriage is not really the main choice of the bride or…show more content…
Arranged marriage shatters a individual’s freedom of mate choice therefore it leads to a devastating result of the specific chosen couples. This marriage strongly forces the ease and understanding the union. Couples end up showing very little of their natural and original entity. Also, they will have several obstacles through undergoing and adjusting their lifestyles based on one another’s mindsets and quality of living. Banning and shifting away from this style of marriage will lead to an elevated marriage experience that will consist of a strong bonding with the couples and better parenting performances that will contribute to strength full off springs. The quality of love and devotion that is being associated with the whole relationship will surely strike up and result in a higher level of interrelation and congruity

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