Persuasive Essay Against Arranged Marriages

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Arranged Marriages

Marriage is the union of 2 people, it is the beginning of a lifelong commitment. Choosing a wife or husband may be one of the most important chooses in a persons life, so wouldn't you want to be the one to choose who you're stuck with for the rest of your life? There are many reasons why I am against arranged marriages. 3 reasons for this is that there is no trust, it could be forced, & you don't really know the person.

First of all there is no trust in an arranged marriage. Trust is the number 1 most important part of a relationship, trust is the foundation that a relationship is built on. If there is no trust how is the relationship supposed to work? In arranged marriages there is no trust in the relationship, it takes a long time before you
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Hindus don't believe in arranged marriage. Although this may be true, in some parts of India forced marriage still exists. Additionally UNICEF stated that 48% of women in South Asian are forced to be married before they are 18. Not only are the being forced into marriage but are being forced to marry men older than them( UNICEF also states that the average age difference in arranged marriages is that the male is 4.5 years older). Not only can people be forced into an arranged marriage but so can you do children. For example the little girl from the movie water was already a widow at the age of 8. Some may not believed this is considered a forced marriage but in many ways it is. Although it never stated if she was forced or not she could of had. For example she was married at a very young age, an age where she probably didn't even know what marriage meant. This could be considered forced since she had no will, & no say since she was married at such a young age & didn't know how to speak/stand up for herself. A forced marriage can also be caused by their parents, a person may only marry someone do to the fear of being disowned by their

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