The Importance Of Art And Music

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Nowadays it has become a heated topic that there are various perspectives toward this issue, some people might believe that Younger school children should not be required to study art and music in addition to math, science, history and language. The reasons are that math and science is more important than art, In addition to, If students study at art and music, they must loss time to focus on their major course, so their grade will not as good as the students who only major course. They hence, math and science are more important than art and music because people need to use science product every day. While others maintain that it cannot ignored that learning music can make child become smarter, nor can it denied that learning art can make child feel happy. According to Aristotle once said "The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet, I personally concur with the second perspective. In the following paragraphs, three conspicuous reasons will cogently elucidate my perspective.
First of all, art and music would broaden student 's horizon and therefore make them thoughtful. It is well known that the art and music are not bound by country border, and they are something that is shared by the people from every parts of this world and is symbols of various cultures. Under this circumstance, learning art and music enables students to appreciate the fruits of eminent artists and musicians and to feel the fascination of different cultures. For instance, students are able

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