Arts And Literacy

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It is ascertained that the curriculum (mathematics and science lessons) are not enough to the development of creativity of young people and children since it is the most active time for the thinking ability of children and youth. Hence, it is necessary to include art lessons with appropriate content and time as we attach enough time for mathematics and science lessons. Furthermore, it is essential to include non-verbal, concrete intuitive thinking approaches to activate the individuals as well as to develop them. Thus, school programs can play a prominent role in the training of creative individuals in each field. Workshops for arts education and training should be suitable for the purpose and appropriate equipment should be
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The main purpose of this study is to reveal the current state of art literacy and to develop suggestions that will fulfill your needs after comprehending your perspectives. Please read the following statements and select the relevant option.

1: When I have to determine the location of my artistic research
2: In developing and narrowing the scope of my artistic research
3: In knowing how and where to find information about music/painting
4: In knowing what resources are appropriate for my research
5: In using international art resources (magazines, books, encyclopedias)
6: In Using Artistic Web Resources
7: In finding information about location from web search engines
8: In limiting the research conducted on the computer (language, history, genre)
9: In getting information from the people I see or the people I talk to
10: In using art catalogs in
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