The Importance Of Art Education

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Suggestions It is ascertained that the curriculum (mathematics and science lessons) are not enough to the development of creativity of young people and children since it is the most active time for the thinking ability of children and youth. Hence, it is necessary to include art lessons with appropriate content and time as we attach enough time for mathematics and science lessons. Furthermore, it is essential to include non-verbal, concrete intuitive thinking approaches to activate the individuals as well as to develop them. Thus, school programs can play a prominent role in the training of creative individuals in each field. Workshops for arts education and training should be suitable for the purpose and appropriate equipment should be used. It is necessary to have appropriate tools and equipment to use in the workshops so that the students may develop their handcraft skills and learn different methods and techniques as well as develop their creativity with these practices. Hence, the children and young people shall use appropriate techniques and methods at every stage of their education, in order to express themselves in different artistic ways, to develop their sense of responsibility and contribute to their personal development. During the art education, we should strive to develop the personality of each person. Throughout art education, students should be given enough theoretical knowledge, they should be encouraged to think and speak. Theoretical information should

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