The Importance Of Art In Ancient Greek Art

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To Ancient Greek society, art was always of great matter; it was their way to incorporate true ideals into daily life. Art at the time was not only meant to be aesthetically pleasing, but was also meant to represent true meaning and significance. While it is widely believed that the Greek people based their artwork off their highly praised Gods and Goddesses, the truth is contrary. Rather, the source of inspiration for the Greek’s work was simply the ordinary man. The Greeks were influenced by the Egyptian’s idea to sculpt the human body, but instead of choosing only to sculpt the royalty of their society the Greeks took a different approach. They chose to sculpt the ordinary man in a very realistic way. When it came to their works of art, the Greeks made beauty into an emphasis on balance and harmony. This overall fascination with beauty inevitably impacted art and architecture during the Archaic and Classical periods.
Ancient Greece was filled with myths and gods, however when it came to their art they took a mortal approach. Instead of putting divine matters up on a podium, they learned the importance of appreciating the human itself. The reason Greek art is so admired is because their definition of beauty was the regular man and women you saw walking down the streets of Ancient Greece. During the Archaic and Classical ages “perfection” was still very much their ideal; a perfect balance.The depiction of beauty evolved throughout the ages, beginning with the Egyptians who

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