The Importance Of Art In Early Childhood

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The importance of Arts Education in early Childhood. Most of us have wondered what Art is and where its importance relies. Tolstoy said: “the activity of Art is based on the capacity of people to infect others with their emotions and to be infected by emotions of others, if they contaminate the reader, spectator or the listener – become the subject of Art”. That’s an acceptable definition of Art. Throughout the timeline of human existence, Art was used in different forms, beginning from cave paintings and rock Art to today’s contemporary Art, like orchestral music or visual Arts (Cinema and movies). Nowadays, unfortunately Art Education is not considered to be that essential, along with Mathematics and science. In fact, many parents don’t encourage their kids to major in Arts, considering the lack of career possibilities and mean income are a potential threat for their future.
Art is a basic human need; it has been a survival tool for each era, like crafting or self-expression. And it’s really important for child development, characteristically and emotionally. Thus the study of Art should be taken seriously. Firstly, Art is a way of communication, a medium to share information and ideas, and to ignite and evoke emotions, sometimes we are not able to express in regular ways, so Arts can help offer us a wider range of ways to express through novels, poem or even musical charts. Thus Edward Hopper said “if I could say it in words there would be no reason to

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