The Importance Of Art In The Art World

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The art world is based on exclusivity, which means a large number of people should feel excluded. Art itself supports elitism because only people who can afford the luxury of owning and studying art can buy it and practice it. Historically in Pakistan, art has been enjoyed as a mark of superiority by the upper class. In arts in Pakistan the taste is fused by a small community that decides on what’s good and what’s bad. Sometimes good art is praised, and sometimes bad art is admired just as much. A lot of people can’t really tell what they like in art, so they just assume if it gets good reviews it is probably reputable. Yet one of the art pieces would appear satisfying on the wall behind the Satin sofas. The purpose of art is to lift the spirit, pop out the vibrancy, extending the horizons, and fire the mind. Throughout history the greatest art has done this so successfully that it still demands complete attention. It has literally stopped the generations in their tracks. Looking at famous European, American and Pakistani paintings past and present teaches us many things, including composition and handling of paint. Pakistan’s cultural heritage dates to more than 5,000 years ago, to the period of the Indus civilization. Literature, notably poetry, is the richest of all Pakistani art forms; music and, especially, modern dance have received less attention. Painting and sculpture, however, have made large progress as vocabularies of an increasingly classy urban culture.

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