The Importance Of Art Integration In The Classroom

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As a teacher professional, art integration can play a very important role in the classroom as it is a “dynamic process of merging art with other disciplines in an attempt to open up a space of inclusiveness in teaching, learning, and experiencing” (LaJevic, 2013, p.2). Defining and understanding what art integration looks like in the classroom is an essential component to successfully and effectively bring true integration of arts into the classroom, instruction, teaching practice, etc. It is the understanding that art integration is not enhancing art into the disciplines, but rather using art in an intentional and purposeful manner. Art integration is not creating pieces of art to decorate and/or enhance the classroom, it is not the use of art to fill up class time or as a fun busy-time activity, and it is definitely not used for classroom controlled (LaJevic, 2013). According to Duma (as cited in Rabkin, 2014, pp. 8-9), art integration is Art integration at best makes the arts an interdisciplinary partner with other subjects. Students receive rigorous instruction in the arts and thoughtful integrated curriculum that makes deep structural connections between the arts and other subjects. It enables students to learn both deeply. The practice of making art, and its performance or exhibition becomes an essential part of pedagogy and assessment, but not just in art or music class. These activities become part of the routine of studying history, science, reading and

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