The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence In Society

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In our world today, technology is all around from cars to our phones that we carry on a daily basis. The world’s technology today is expanding tremendously from face scanning phones to cars that can drive themselves and also robots that can communicate to humans like a normal person. The technology today is using more A.I. than ever seen before in the world. In today A.I. systems are in many types of jobs around the world and it is becoming a larger issue for people due to its capability to replace people in the workforce. The A.I system was first established “back in the 1950s by John McCarthy while he was making programs to help computers play chess”(John para 5). Then soon after he invented the first A.I. John McCarthy was the Father of…show more content…
can help society is by being placed in hospitals to help doctors and nurses due to it having the ability to learn and understand how the hospital works. The artificial intelligence can additionally learn how to see if something is wrong with a patient's body. For example the artificial intelligence can be used in “clinical support, patient monitoring and also surgery”(Rakheja para 16). If more artificial intelligence is established in the hospitals it can monitor patients constantly and give direct feedback to the doctors and nurses that are working in the hospital which can help save many people’s lives in the future. This is important because it can tell the doctors and nurses what the patient needs in order to survive or the medications the patient needs to become healthy and back to normal. The artificial intelligence can also be a great aid when it comes to surgery due to it being able to process many ways to approach the surgery itself and can probably lead to even more successful surgeries in the future. This is important due to the reason that doctors do make mistakes in the surgery room and if a robot with the correct programming can tell that doctor where he or she should focus on and make the surgery easier and faster for the doctor to complete. Additionally, just having the small assistance in the surgery room can help a lot in a dramatic way due to the artificial intelligence being able to diagnose what is going on at that moment during the surgery. Furthermore if the artificial intelligence becomes more intelligent with the correct programming, it can be placed in robots that can perform the surgeries on patients and this will change the outlook of how robots can be used in
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