The Importance Of Artistic Freedom

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Artistic freedom is the freedom given to an artist to produce art through different mediums, addressing certain issues or ideas. Today, “In the name of art” is too commonly used and there are constant debates on where to draw the line. The welfare of the audience is of concern. Many artworks offend racial and religious groups with inaccurate portrayals of their race or religion, mocking them. Suggestive artworks portraying sexual themes or nudity may also affect one’s morals. This essay will discuss how artists must not be given absolute freedom. Firstly, there are artworks that offend racial and religious codes, such as inaccurate portrayals and mockery of a race or religion. Inaccurate portrayals not only give misrepresentations of the race or religion, but also insult them. This may cause uproars or unrest in the community, which may disrupt the fragile harmony between the groups. In addition, artworks may also mock the race or religion, insulting an object or belief that is considered sacred to the race or religion. As a result, it would not only offend the race or religion, but may also cause harm to the community through riots, death threats by the offended race or religion. This is evident in Andres Serrano 's “Piss Christ”, a 1987 photograph of the crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine. This sparked many protests and controversies within the Christian community, considering it to be insulting something as sacred as their God. However, what is more shocking is

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