The Importance Of Arts Education

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According to John Dewey’s definition art is, “To feel the meaning of what one is doing, and to rejoice in that meaning: to unite in one concurrent fact the unfolding of the inner life and the ordered development of material conditions” (Upitis, 2011, pg. 2). Upitis (2011), states that art is not only the pursuit of performing and fine arts but includes outdoor and domestic arts such as hiking, swimming, cooking, sewing and carpentry (pg. 1). “The human brain’s visual cortex is five times larger than the auditory cortex so it is hardly surprising that students respond positively to opportunities to learn through the visual arts” (. The Arts have been a way of life for people for many centuries. All throughout history art has been used as a form of expression whether it was through song, dance or other forms. Drawings on walls have been used to record human experiences and storytelling has also been used to pass down tales and history through generations. Arts education is vital to children’s development and is invaluable in stimulating creative thinking. This is needed in all professions in society as it is the creative thinkers who come up with great solutions to all of life’s problems. Teachers have the great role of developing the minds of young children through exploration, discovery and creativity. Creativity not only applies to children in schools but to teachers as well as we need to be creative in the classroom to captivate our students and inspire them to learn.

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