The Importance Of Arts In Society

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The Importance of Arts Arts are enjoyed by everyone, whether it is through visiting an opera or looking at a painting. It has evolved from simple lines to combinations of different art forms like dance and fashion. It is typical for arts to be regarded as useless and helpless in advancing society since it is viewed as pure entertainment and nothing else. Yet, there is clear evidence that arts have far more benefits and uses. Therefore, in order for society to reach full potential, everyone needs to understand those benefits and how we can use arts to achieve something better than what we already have. Society needs to reevaluate their perception of arts to understand that they have cognitive and social benefits in order to take initiative and take measures to encourage arts in society. Arts training has a significant positive impact on human cognitive functions. According to a study done by John Jonides and associates, a professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at University of Michigan, musically-trained people were able to maintain information in their long term memory more effectively than those who were not; musicians used a completely different kind of rehearsal than the non-musicians. It is proven that through music, people were able to learn a different way of learning and rehearsing. It was also found that having training in arts leads to better attention networks because the “repeated activation of the brain’s networks increases their efficiency” (Posner, Pantoine).
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