The Importance Of Asoka As An Enlightened Ruler

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Many rulers struggle today to keep control and at the same time have a powerful empire. Asoka was a ruler who mastered this. Asoka was born in India and was like a founding father of India, when he ruled the Mauryan Empire from 268 BCE to 232 BCE. Asoka, as a ruler, decided to form a government based on Buddhist spiritual beliefs and dharma, which helped to create a successful empire. He also sent out missionaries to carve messages in different areas and languages to help communicate through out the Mauryan Empire. These messages were called edicts. Asoka was shown as an amazing warrior and ruler after the empire collapsed fifty years after his death. He used many resources, religion methods, and kindness to create one of the strongest empires. Asoka was an enlightened ruler because…show more content…
One reason why Asoka was an enlightened ruler is because he added Kalinga to the Mauryan Empire to improve his empire with more resources and strength. In document B “Asoka and the Decline of the Mauryas”, Ramilia Thapar wrote, “The conquest of Kalinga was of importance to the strategy and the economy of the Mauryan Empire… (It) stood in the way of the southern routes from the Ganges Valley, and it was also a powerful maritime area…” The conquering of Kalinga helped to protect the empire from invasion and provided them with a convenient source of income and welfare, which was essential for a strong empire. . Kalinga had many resources and also allowed trade through out the empire. Asoka made

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