The Importance Of Assessment In Student Learning

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Assessment is at the heart of the student experience. (Brown and Knight, 1994)
Assessment defines what students regard as important, how they spend their time and how they come to see themselves as students and then as graduates . . . If you want to change student learning then change the methods of assessment. (Brown, 1997: 7) in Rust (2002) The impact of assessment in student learning.
Why do we assess? Assessment supports the growth and development of learners. According to King, F.J., Goodson, L., & Rohani, F., (1998), learners become active participants in learning and assessment, understand the criteria that are used for assessment activities, are involved in self-evaluation, set individual targets for themselves, reflect on their learning and thereby experience improved self-esteem. Valid assessment of higher order thinking skills requires that students be unfamiliar with the questions or tasks they are asked to answer or perform and that they have sufficient prior knowledge to enable them to use their higher order thinking skills in answering questions or performing tasks.
Sanders and Horn (1995), both of them stated that, different assessment methods should be used within the different kinds of assessment. No single method can appraise the totality of the learner 's school and learning experience or do justice to the diversity of learners who must be accommodated. The following five methods of assessment can be used:
1. self-assessment
2. peer assessment
3. group

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