Formative Summative Teaching

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Teaching can be an occupation with many challenges. One of the greatest challenge is how to effectively transmit the knowledge and content to the students. This can be achieved in many ways in career and technical education. Two of the more common ways is through a traditional classroom lecture style, another may be through guided practice in the laboratory and there are still many other ways to deliver information to the students. A teacher designed lessons may appear effective on paper and even during delivery, but how can we as teachers’ gauge if the teaching method being utilized is truly being absorbed by the students? Are the students actually learning and retaining the information, or are they simply memorizing and recalling what we…show more content…
Teachers can also use assessments to find strengths and weaknesses of the students which will enable variations and adaptations to be made as necessary to improve student learning. A more conventional use of assessments is to provide grades for the student, their parents, and the teacher. They can use the data ascertained by the assessments to track the students’ progress throughout the class. There are two different types of assessments teachers can use to measure a student’s progress they are formative and summative. Formative assessments are used throughout the learning process to allow teachers to know if the students are understanding the lesson and make adaptations it as necessary. Formative assessments can be in the form of question and answer, observation, discussion, student self-assessment and many others. Formative assessments are a continuous on going daily analysis of the students’ progress throughout a lesson or unit. The other type of assessment we use is the summative assessment. This assessment is used at the end of a lesson or unit to measure a…show more content…
A student with a specific learning disability may be given an individual education plan also known as an IEP. Those plans must be followed by the teacher to create a learning environment which is best suited to the student’s particular learning style. If a student is having difficulty in the classroom a referral may be made by the teacher, the guidance counselor, school administration or the child’s parents to a school psychologist. School psychologist will evaluate the student and make a determination using a Comprehensive Evaluation Report. The Comprehensive Evaluation Report or CER is written by the school psychologist with the assistance of the general education teacher, parents, and the special education teacher. It contains information that is valuable to the classroom teacher, including the family background, family history, developmental milestones, psychological aptitude and achievement, behavioral assessments, vocational technical education assessment, current classroom-based assessments, and local and state assessments. ( The information provided in the report outlines the strengths and needs of the student which allows the school and the teachers to know if a specific learning disability is present and also the developmental level of the child. The information is analyzed and provides

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