The Importance Of Assessment In The Teaching Learning Process

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Assessment: meaning
According to me the term “assessment” is defined as the process to check how much a student has understood based on the lesson that was taught to them in class. Assessment also helps the students know how they progress in class. Assessment is a process that includes measuring improvement overtime, motivating the students to study, evaluating teacher’s method and ranking student’s capability in relation to the whole group evaluation.

Importance of assessment in the teaching learning process.
The assessment can benefit the students as well as benefit the teachers in many ways:
For students, assessment can mean:
■ clarifying their instructors’ expectations for them
■ focusing more on learning as they
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It occurs as a part of everyday teaching and learning and uses information from ongoing assessment to shape classroom teaching and learning. Assessment as learning puts the students in active role as learners, using assessment information to self-assess, regulate and monitor their learning progress.

Assessment is important for several reasons:
1. Assessment result provide qualitative information that helps faculty determine how they might improve courses and/or programs through changes in curriculum, teaching methodologies, course materials or other areas. When integrated into the planning cycle for curriculum development and review, assessment results can provide powerful rationale for securing support for curricular and other changes.
2. Assessment may provide comparative data that can give you valuable information on how well your students are meeting the learning outcomes for your course /program.
3. It brings about the benefits for children gathering accurate information from young children is difficult and potentially stressful.
4. It should be tailored to a specific purpose and should be reliable, valid and
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It is important that the teacher practice diagnostic assessment, formative assessment, summative assessment and informal assessment in the classroom so that it can be used throughout the learning process, so that the students are able to explore and use a wide range of assessment methods to monitor their learners’ learning and progress.
Gibbs (2003) states that assessment has six main functions:
1. Capturing student’s time and attention.
2. Generating appropriate student learning activity.
3. Providing timely feedback which students pay attention to.
4. Helping students to internalize the disciplines standards and notion of equality.
5. Generating marks or grades which distinguish between students or enable pass/fail decisions to be made.
6. Providing evidence for others outside the course to enable them to judge the appropriateness of standards on the course.

What would happen in the absence of assessment in the classroom? - The harm arises directly from our failure to balance our use of standardized tests and classroom assessment in the service of school

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