The Importance Of Assistive Technology In Education

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Assistive technology can help disabled students by practicing different methods of assistive technology by having portable devices that help a child read and write. Therefore, students who have a hard time planning papers and using high vocabulary words can use assistive technology. Celebray palsy is a disorder that affects muscle control. This causes for the child to not be able to write because they are not able to move and control movements. For example, students that have Celebray palsy and muscular dystrophy are not able to hold a pencil because they face weakness in their skeletal muscles. Assistive devices can help children who face. Celebrary palsy by allowing them to speak through devices in order to communicate…show more content…
Assistive devices would provide support for students who need special needs in curriculum. Assistive technology helped children with physical difficulties to enhance school participation However, assistive technology in schools lack because there is not a supportive educational system.Hemmingston say, “Assistive technology has not been integrated into children’s daily lives in because they do not have inequity funding and failure to provide training” (464).Disabled students faced discrimination in public schools because they did not fit in social norms. This caused for students to face discrimination because they were judged based on obtaining assistive devices.Also, how teachers were not patient towards educating disabled children. For example, teachers did not put enough effort to help children who are slow learners. The children were looked as incapable of learning. Therefore, .Assistive technology helps disabled student’s to obtain social skills and interaction.This can help enhance their learning development .Also, assistive technology helps disabled children to not depend on others. The author explains how assistive technology programs have increased disabled students participation in classrooms. Also, they talk about how disabled students were limited to do activities in schools. This affected disabled children…show more content…
Individual Education programs focuses on assistive services that can help enhance capabilities of disabled children. The author says, assistive technology has estimated that there are over 20,000 different assistive devices v to serve children with various needs ,of various ages, a and demonstrating various function levels Student successes directly related to the appropriate device selection”(Davis, 16)Therefore, assistive technology focused on mathematics, communication skills and reading. The author talks about how schools are not well trained for assistive technology. Also, that there is not a high percentage of assistive technology being offered in schools. For example, schools in the suburbs have the lowest technology assistance. Also, assistive technology would increase speech skills and physical therapy can help student interaction. “individuals with Disabilities Education Act require school districts to consider assistive technology for all children with Scalia need as a vehicle to access the general education curriculum”().Individual Education program focus on tools and services that will help enhance children functional; capabilities. “Assitive service is any service that assists a child with a disability in the selection of an assistive technology .Such terms include,evulation of child needs in functional evaluation, providing assistive

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