The Importance Of Atheism On Witchcraft

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Atheism says witches don’t exist because no one besides God can have powers or worship their leader, Satan. “Witchcraft was considered evil from the Christian Church, which linked witches with the devil. All cultures feared it as evil and believed it to have paranormal powers” (Cheung 539). Today, witches practice an official USA and Canada religion called Wicca. Instead of using witchcraft for evil, they live peaceful lives and heal others. An important thing to remember, they were apart of a religion, but still got accused as witches and put to death ( Staff). Another reason that atheism goes against witches is that they say that witchcraft can happen. When St. Augustine said in the 400s that only God can have powers, witches and Satan got accused of not existing. This statement became only an error made by Pagans. This was his reason for tracking down witches and witchcraft (Linder). Another part of the religion aspect is the anti-Christian religions. “‘Pagan’ or anti-Christian New Age religions are sometimes identified with witches because some pious Christians think they practice witchcraft because those in the religions claim to practice ‘Magick’ or ‘the craft.’” Some of the members of these groups refer to themselves as ‘witches’ and their groups as ‘covens’ (Carroll). It became no surprise that they were not liked. The Bible discriminates witches and states in Leviticus and Exodus that they should burn, die, and have stones thrown at them.
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